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The Company “CNT Mineral Consulting” (CNT-MC) was established in 2005 by two geologists: Dr. Vladimir N. Rudashevsky (Russia) and Dr. Louis J. Cabri (Canada). CNT-MC Inc. is part of an international corporation (CNT Corp.) started in 2000 as the first private microprobe laboratory in Russia. This laboratory has been re-organized into a business structure involving two Russian and one Canadian joint-stock companies. Since its founding, CNT Corp. has become one of the leaders for specialized laboratory mineral processing equipment through the development and sales of their own internationally patented and certified techniques (Electric-Pulse Disaggregators, Hydroseparators of HS-series and processing accessories) that are highly appreciated by specialists and experts in the fields of applied mineralogy, process mineralogy, and geology worldwide.

  The core expertise of CNT-MC Inc. remains the identification, extraction, surface-texture description and compositional analysis (major, minor and trace elements) of platinum group minerals (PGM), gold and kimberlite indicator minerals.

  The company focuses on providing the following high quality reliable services at competitive rates:

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