Dr. Rudashevsky is one of the inventors and developers of a number of mineral processing techniques such as Hydroseparation (HS) (methodology, various models) and Electric-pulse disaggregation (exclusive crushing chambers etc). His experience in mineralogy and mineral processing has resulted in a number of very successful research projects and international grants, over 40 publications in Russian and international professional journals. He has always worked closely with and under the supervision of his father and his long-time business partner Dr. Nikolay S. Rudashevsky — one of the most experienced and conscientious experts in PGE mineralogy with expertise in precious-metal mineralogy and microprobe investigations of over 20 years. For the years 1997-2000 Dr. Rudashevsky worked at the Fersman’ Mineralogical Museum (Moscow, Russia) and was for 3 months a probationer in the Mineralogical Department of Natural History Museum (London, UK) where he conducted for the first time an international seminar on his newly developed HS mineral processing technique. As a businessman, Dr. Vladimir Rudashevsky opened the first private mineralogical analytical laboratory in Russia in 2003, equipped with modern analytical equipment such as two SEMs (Camscan-4, Cambridge Inst., with 2 EDX and WDX spectrometers), two XRDs with vertical and horizontal goniometers Geigerflex (Rigaku), one XRF, Laser Diffractometer for grain size measurements (Fritsch), fully equipped mineral processing lab etc. Dr. Rudashevsky also serve as head of a governmental laboratory since 2002 and has been a leader of a very productive research team working on numerous successful projects and consulting for the mining industry, government organizations and universities in Russia and abroad. He is a Director of CNT-Mineral Consulting Inc. since 2005.


Director of CNT Mineral Consulting Inc. in 2005

Director of the Center for New Technologies (St.Petersburg, Russia) — formerly known as the Yutkin’ laboratory of Electro-hydraulic Effect (Agrophysical Institute, Russian Academy of Agriculture) since 2002.

President of the CNT Labs (First Russian Private Analytical Lab, J.St.Co "PC+", St.Petersburg, Russia) since 2003.

President (principal since 2003), J.St. Co. "PC+", incorporated in 2003


Petrogenesis of Cu-Ni sulfide, platinum-group element ores in layered intrusions, and ultramafic massifs. Refinement and use of the petrographic microscope, electron microscope, electron microprobe (Camscan-4, Link-AN 10000, Microspec), and X-ray diffractometery in mineralogical research. Development of electric pulse technology and original technology of hydroseparation for mineral liberation and separation, mineral engineering (PGM-, gold-, diamond-ores).


Dr. V.N. Rudashevsky is the author or co-author of more than 40 published papers. The latest publications include:


Ph.D. — Moscow State University, Geological Faculty, Moscow, Russia (1999);
M.Sc. — St.Petersburg State University, Geological Faculty, St.Petersburg, Russia
B.Sc. — St.Petersburg State University, Geological Faculty, St.Petersburg, Russia