The Electro-hydraulic cutter EHC-03

A new product for cutting various rocks: granites, marbles, basalts etc. It can also be applied for the demolition of brick walls and cement panels (reinforced by metal grid of different diameter).

The cutting action of the EHC is enabled by an explosion, which is produced by applying an electric current from a high-voltage power source through an electrode that is lowered into holes filled with water.

No matter where the EHC-03 is used — in demolition (old houses, factories, brick walls, cement panels etc), or in construction (road construction in mountainous terrain, natural stone cutting for decorative purposes), it provides maximum capacity and low energy consumption that minimizes the user’s capital costs.

Technical specifications (for EHC-03 with one electrode)

# Parameter Units Rate
1. Productivity: natural rocks, cement blocks
Productivity: reinforced cement blocks, brick walls
m³/hour up to 10
up to 3
2. Maximum capacitors charging time min 2.5
3. Power consumption kW 3
4. Voltage required V 220-380
5. Maximum voltage in operation kV up to 5
6. Alternating current frequency Hz 50-60
7. Diameter of drilled hole mm > 26
8. Overall dimensions mm 2500x2000x1200
9. Weight of installation kg 1330
10. Continuous operation per day Hours 12
11. Working temperature range °C from -40 up to +60
12. Maximum relative humidity of air % 85
13. Number of operators required people 2