Accessories for hydroseparation

1. Two trays, one large, one smaller (half size) made of any material (enamelled metal, plastic, or glass), but preferably white photographic trays (Item 1 Photo A). Smaller tray (say, 27x32 cm) to sit in the larger tray (say, 50x60 cm).

2. Half dozen (or more) round bottom wide-mouth porcelain beakers say 6 of 12 and 21 cm diameters(Item 2 Photo A).

3. Half dozen round bottom glass bowls made by sawing a standard laboratory round bottom flask.  Not shown in image, but about 20 cm in diameter.

4. One 1000 ml glass beaker to hold clean water (Item 3 Photo A).

5. One glass stirring rod.

6. One 10 ml glass beaker (Item 4 Photo A).

7. One small glass funnel (Item 5 Photo A).

8. One rubber aspirator.

9. One larger aspirator to suck excess water from large tray.

10. One laboratory stand with flexible clamp to hold the glass separation tube (GST) shown in photo B. The clamp must be able to rotate so as to hold the GST horizontally as well as vertically. Note: two GST shown in Photo A are supplied with HS.

11. Small supply of acetone and potassium permanganate crystals.

12. Two lengths of soft silicone tubing (10-12mm ID), about 40cm and one metre long.

13. A piece of 12 or 14 gauge wire about 60cm long to which is attached a small piece of sponge plus a metre long wooden dowel to easily fit into the silicone tubing.  To be used to clean the GST with soapy water.

14. A couple pieces of used photographic film for scrapping dry concentrates out of the wide-mouth beakers.

15. Small laboratory heating pad or stand to dry the concentrates, or oven.

16. Nearby access to a binocular microscope to check on contents of round-bottom beakers.

17. Magnet, with release mechanism, say about 3 to 4 cm in diameter.

18. New GSTs (Russian patent application # 2004135890) specially designed for all laboratory scale CNT hydroseparators of HS series (HS02/HS-02M, HS-11 and their modifications)

You can order any of the accessories listed above.