CNT Laboratories are situated in one of the most beautiful parts of St.Petersburg — Petrogradskaya Side.

CNT Labs — Main Entrance
(Roentgena Str. 1)
Map, Petrogradskaya Side, CNT Labs

The CNT Laboratories consist of:

They are equipped by modern analytical research instruments, such as:

Our Mineral processing and sample preparation laboratories are equipped with the following tools:

We have a very productive research team.

We provide complete mineralogical data obtained on the small samples (from 200 g up to 4 kg). All concentrates and tailings will be mounted in several polished sections and carefully studied under SEM. Reports will include the following sections, as appropriate: Table of contents, Summary, Introduction and scope of work, certificate of author(s), Sample preparation, Analytical methodology, Results, Discussion and Conclusions, Recommendations, References, and an Appendix.

Why should you choose our services:
  1. We work with very low geochemical concentrations (from 0.1 ppm of phase forming element) and detect all heavy mineral fines (grain size down to 3 µm).
  2. We work quickly (usually 1 sample/week) and efficiently (all heavy accessories — in several polished sections)
  3. We use our own exclusive technologies (Electric-pulse Disaggregation, Hydroseparation, monolayer polished sections) and techniques to achieve complete result thorough mineralogical investigation.
  4. We write final reports using our outstanding expertise in precious and base metal mineralogy.

You can find examples of our results below: